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Does your complaint involve a form of psychological or sexual violence experienced outside a match, or a form of abuse (physical or sexual), harassment or neglect? *

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These types of complaints are handled by the Complaints Officer of the protection of the integrity in the practice of sport and recreational activities in Quebec. We invite you to contact him by clicking on the following link : I File a complaint

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This form covers complaints relating to activities under the responsibility of an association.

By submitting your complaint, you are contributing to the improvement of the sports environment by promoting the values of respect, integrity and fairness within the association.

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1 – Description of your complaint. *

Describe the facts that led you to file a complaint. Provide as many details as possible, such as background, involvement of others, sources of information, financial values and other facts that may be useful in processing your complaint (who, when, how, where, why).

Please attach any document or file that may back up your complaint (optional).

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2 – Has the situation you wish to report caused prejudice to a person (victim)? *

2.1 – Identification of the victim.

Specify their name, telephone number and e-mail address.

2.2 – How old is the victim?

2.3 – What is the victim's role within the association?

Ex. Player, parent, coach, administrator, volunteer, employee, referee or official

2.4 – What is the name of the sport team of the victim (if applicable)?

3 – Details of the place where the situation occurred.

Ex: Name of the city or arena, in a locker room or on the ice, on social media.

4 – How did you find out about the situation?

4.1 – Identification of the person who told you about the situation.

If you wish, you can provide their name and all other useful information.

5 – Identify the person targeted by your complaint.

Specify the name of the person who committed the wrongdoing or deviated from expectations. Provide as much detail as possible, such as contact information (telephone number, e-mail address) and any other information deemed relevant.

6 – What is the role within the association of the person targeted by your complaint?

Ex. Player, parent, coach, administrator, volunteer, employee, referee or official

7 – What is the name of the sport team of the person targeted by your complaint (if applicable)?

8 – As far as you know, did it happen many times?

9 – When did the situation first occurred?

10 – If possible, tell us the dates and times (or timeframe) during which it happened.

E.g., On June 12 at 7:00 p.m., the meeting lasted 20 minutes.

11 – Is higher management of the association aware of this situation?

12 – Was there an intervention to resolve this situation?

12.1 – Tell us about any action taken to raise awareness amongst those concerned or to address the situation.

Please provide the name of the persons involved in the intervention, the actions that were taken and all other useful information.

13 – Identify all the people who witnessed the situation.

Please provide their name, role and all other useful information.

14 – What is your role or implication within the association?

Ex. Player, parent, coach, administrator, volunteer, employee, referee or official

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